Vietnamese Dating Culture

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[rs_table_products tableName=”Default”]The culture of dating in Western countries is completely different than in Eastern countries. That is why a lot of men from the west are surprised while dating with  Vietnamese women. Their culture and rules can seem to be similar to west dating culture, but not everything.

If you want to date a girl from Vietnam, you need to know some interesting facts about how to do that. With them, you can expect to have a perfect relationship and even marriage.

Vietnamese Dating

One of the facts is that there is no sex on the first date. One-night stands are not for this country too.

All the girls expect to date to last long term. They want these real relationships to progress to marriage one day in future.

When you get involved with a Vietnamese lady, she will try to communicate with you as much as it can be possible. It can be done by messaging, calls and videos. Girls here like to communicate a lot with their men so you need to understand that fact. In case if you do not want to talk a lot or you can not spend a lot of time while messaging or calling, get ready that a Vietnamese girl will be angry. She will be upset and she will show that. There are situations when these girls think that you have another woman. Young couples today prefer to write to each other than call. They spend less time and do not spend a lot of time on that.

In Vietnam family plays a huge role when it comes to the relationship. A lot of rules and moral norms are being kept there for more than one thousand years. Vietnamese people appreciate their traditions, so in the relationship, they respect them even more. You need to understand how to date in this country because it is not the same process as in your country.

Vietnamese Dating Customs

Vietnamese women are waiting for me to move first. The first step must be done by a man. If you want to date a girl from this country and you like her, you need to do something first. We are talking about her family. A man must meet the family of his date. It is very important because this action can help him to make a good impression. If a good impression is made, you can request her family to leave their daughter for a date with you. It is a thing that belongs to the Vietnamese etiquette.

Vietnamese people prefer to stay at home with their families on holidays. Their families mean a lot for them and they are always in the first place. There is some difference in dating customs in a different area. For example, in rural areas, there is a rule that if a man likes a woman and he wants to get her, he must send a formal marriage proposal to her family. It is made by a mediator.

In urban areas it is different. If a family of the girl allows her partner as accepted, he can visit her and invite for a date. Both the families of the man and a woman start to visit each other. They invite each other to their houses and exchange words about marriage in future.

Most girl in Vietnam still lives with their families in one house. That means that they can`t even think about the opportunity to sleep in another place. A lot of young ladies will remain still living with their families until she gets married.

Women’s Roles in Vietnamese Culture

Vietnam is a country with a patriarchal society. Men are supposed to be the main here. They need to work a lot and support their families as much as they can. At the same time, all the women here need to look after their children and keep the house clean and organized. They tend to their families and household.

When you are a man, you must show your leadership qualities everywhere. And it is not said only about the job, it is very important to be the main person in the family.

While dating men do not need to wait for the girl asks him to go out. He decides to go somewhere and he decides where to go. In these situations, women are not asked where they want to go. they do what their men tell them to do, in most cases. It looks strange for foreign men because they have another culture. They usually talk with their women before suggesting a meeting. As we see in Vietnam the situation is another.

There are couples where women are main. It happens very rarely.

Rules of Public Displays of Affection in Vietnam

You may be surprised when you get to know that public display of affection like kissing is bad here. You will get a big “no“ for that action in Vietnam.

It is not right to have a lot of public display of affection. Where there are not a lot of people around, you can do something. But it is no more than holding hands and hugging sometimes. That will be all you can do and only when there are no strangers around. You can kiss your date when you are in an unlit place, for example, o the bench in some park in the evening. But you need to know that there are no people around who can see you.

It is normal in Vietnam but for people from Western countries, it sounds strange.

There are situations when a man may never make even a little move on the girl before they are married. It can be said even about holding hands and so on. Being a couple and being not able to touch each other. It is quite normal here and people live with that.

Many youths in Vietnam today do not want to keep the traditions of dating. They can kiss each other, hold hand in public places and they do not care. It happens sometimes that they even sleep together before marriage.

Going Out For a Date

When the parents consent to a relationship, the couple goes on public dates. They can go to have some coffee or drive around the town. In most cases, it can be accompanied by friends. In modern life planning and paying for a date is like it is traditionally. It is man`s responsibility to do these things.  This situation usually happens that all the dates are started with little presents for a girl. You can present flowers or something else small.

Going to the cinema is not a good idea. Going to see films is unacceptable by society during the first dates. Vietnamese people don’t think that a cinema is a good place for a date because sitting together in the darkness of the cinema at the beginning of a relationship is considered to be inappropriate.


Vietnamese dating culture is unique and seems to be strange. It has a lot of differences and it looks weird sometimes for people from Western countries. If you want to date a girl from Vietnam, you need to know all the pros and con of this. The culture has a lot of things which is important for your culture too. It is about the importance of family for example. It is very important to understand that there are a lot of traditions and customs in Vietnam.

All the people who live there appreciate them ad if you want to become a part of it, you need to respect it too. All the single ladies are looking for me which can be a good husband. They are ready to love ad take care of him and their family. Women in this country are well-educated ad we are talking not only about studies.

It is about the fact that all the girls know how to make their families happy ad how to take care of perfect life for relatives. They can be perfect wives and lovely mothers. They respect their men. These women can be called ideal for marriages today. So if you are interested in dating a Vietnamese girl, learn some information about the culture of dating in her country.


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