Vietnamese Brides: A Unique Blend of Beauty, Culture and Traditions

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Vietnamese brides combine all the positive characteristics every man looks for in his future wife. If you are dreaming of meeting a woman with a cute face, beautiful appearance, family values, and respect for men, you have come to the right page. You will be surprised to find out how many pretty Vietnamese girls are looking for love online. These stunning girls are looking for reliable, polite, and devoted men. If this is how you describe yourself, then you can make a perfect match with a Vietnamese female.

Short Overview of Vietnamese Brides

❤️ Success Rate


💻 Best Mail Order Bride Sites

AsianMelodies, EasternHoneys, TheLuckyDate

💰 Average Cost of a Vietnamese Mail Order Bride

$3,000 – $12,000

Average Age of Brides

26 y.o.

🗣️ Common Languages Spoken by Brides

Vietnamese, English

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Average Number of Children


📝 Required Documentation

Passport, Visa, Proof of Financial Stability, Medical Examination, Marriage Certificate

💔 Divorce Rate


Vietnamese Mail Order Brides Catalogue

Giang 25 y.o.
Anh 30 y.o.
Cai 28 y.o.
Diep 27 y.o.
Bian 26 y.o.
Cais 29 y.o.
Linh 27 y.o.
Chi 28 y.o.
Chau 26 y.o.

What are the Key Characteristics of Vietnamese Brides?

As mentioned earlier, Vietnam brides combine all the great characteristics men seek in their future wives. Let’s talk more about it.


Every Vietnamese mail order bride is raised to become a perfect wife and mother. Vietnamese women take pride in having family values, keeping traditions, and making devoted life partners.


A Vietnam bride is respectful, polite, and a good listener. Men who come to Vietnam or meet Vietnamese women online are impressed with how wise and well-mannered local girls are. Local women become amazing wives as they respect and admire their partners.


Vietnamese mail order brides are smiley. They enjoy laughing and having fun. Even though these women may not live in the most developed country and have money for all their needs, they find pleasure in simple things. A Vietnamese woman will make you feel happy in marriage.

Feminine nature

Vietnamese wives are feminine, charming, sweet, and elegant. They hold themselves like true ladies and draw the attention of men who want to be with delicate and beautiful women. Next to your Vietnamese wife, you will feel like a hero, and this is what many Westerners enjoy when dating Asian women.


Vietnamese women for marriage are easy and do not cause problems in relationships. They do not mind cultural differences. They adapt to new things and accept people as they are. Dating a Vietnamese bride is a joy as they make life easy for their partners.

Thanks to these key characteristics, marrying a Vietnamese woman is such an attractive opportunity for single men in the West.

How to Find Vietnamese Wives Online?

Meeting a Vietnamese girl for marriage online is not an issue. The choice of dating sites and apps impresses and allow men from around the world to find beautiful Vietnamese brides for dating and marriage.

Start by selecting a reputable and trusted dating service. Read reviews and see how popular dating websites work. Compare prices and choose the service that ticks all boxes. Please review top-rated dating sites for meeting single Vietnamese ladies on our services.

Choose a paid dating site or app as it provides profiles of real brides and enables quality communication tools. Send texts or take advantage of video chat to enjoy online dating with the hottest Vietnamese singles. Thanks to such features as matches and advanced search, you will be able to connect with women who meet your requirements.

Not only do dating sites help single Westerners to find future wives but marriage agencies do. These types of services offer single men a vast choice of Asian women ready for commitment and marriage. If you are not someone who just wants to date but gets married, a marriage agency is the right place for you.

Success Stories From Vietnamese Dating Sites

Success Story #1 Image
John and Minh AsianMelodies logo
John, an American man, and Minh, a Vietnamese woman, met on AsianMelodies, a popular dating site. Despite their cultural differences, they quickly connected over shared values and interests. Long, heartfelt conversations soon turned into daily calls and virtual dates. After months of getting to know each other, John traveled to Vietnam to meet Minh in person. Their bond grew even stronger, and they fell deeply in love. John proposed during a romantic getaway in Ha Long Bay. They married in a beautiful ceremony blending both cultures. Today, they live happily in the US, cherishing their unique, international love story.
Success Story #2 Image
Thomas and Hanh EasternHoneys logo
Thomas, an adventurous American, and Hanh, a charming Vietnamese woman, met on EasternHoneys, a renowned dating site. Their connection was immediate, built on mutual respect and shared dreams. They spent hours chatting, discovering a deep emotional bond. Thomas decided to visit Vietnam, where Hanh welcomed him warmly, showing him her vibrant culture. Their love blossomed during this visit, leading to a heartfelt proposal by the serene waters of Hoi An. Hanh said yes, and they soon married in a ceremony that celebrated both their cultures. Now, they live joyfully in the US, grateful for the love they found online.

How Much Does It Cost To Marry a Vietnamese Mail Order Bride?

If you consider the opportunity to marry a Vietnamese lady, then you have to know how much you will need to spend on meeting a Vietnamese bride, dating her, and marrying her. Please review what things you need to consider and how you can save money.

Dating Site Fees

As we have already mentioned earlier, the number of dating sites and apps is vast. You just need to pick a reputable one. We also mentioned that it is essential to choose paid services as they offer profiles of real women, provide quality communication services, and have a good satisfaction rate.

On average, western men spend between $150 and $250 using premium Asian dating websites. It usually costs around $50 to pay for a monthly membership. However, you may want to use additional services like gifts, video calls, etc., to make your experience worthy.

Some Asian dating sites do not charge per month but offer their customers buy credits. The good thing about this payment type is that you can buy credits whenever you need them. So, you do not have to pay for a month in advance but purchase a certain number of credits enough to send a photo or make a video call.


When dating a girl online, presents play a huge role in establishing a good connection and keeping the online romance going. Expect to spend at least $50 on a present. It can be a bunch of flowers, perfume, cosmetics, or some jewelry. The price grows depending on the present. Even though Vietnamese single ladies do not chase men with money, they will still be happy to receive a romantic present and know that you care.

Meeting in Real Life

The next step you will take if things go well with your Vietnamese date online is arranging a face-to-face meeting. The first thing you need to plan is your flight. The average flight ticket price from New York to Hanoi is $1,500. The next thing to think about is accommodation. Luckily, staying in any city in Vietnam does not cost much compared to the US and Europe.

So, a night in a nice hotel will cost you $50 maximum. The food is very cheap and delicious. You will not need more than $30 a day. Transportation is cheap as well as will not cost you more than $10 a day.

We counted that a one-week trip to Hanoi will cost you around $2,130. The final price depends on the airline class, type of hotel, and number of days you are planning to stay in one of the Vietnamese cities.


Marrying a bride from Vietnam in the US will cost at least $20,000. If you choose to get married in Vietnam, you need $2,000 maximum.


Helping your wife to come to the US requires quite some money. For example, the K-1 visa your Vietnamese bride will need costs $535, while the adjustment of status form is $1,140. So you are looking at spending around $2,000 to bring your wife to the US and helping her to stay permanently with you.

Ways to Save Money

Even though for a man who lives and works in the US, bringing an Asian wife to his homeland is not expensive, there are still ways to cut the cost:

  • visit Vietnam off-season
  • stay in a hostel and meet other travelers rather than staying in posh hotels
  • get married in Vietnam

So, the minimum you will spend on bringing a Vietnamese wife to the US is $6,530, while the maximum is $26,530.

How To Attract Vietnamese Girls?

If you want to buy a wife from Vietnam, you need to know how to attract local women. The first thing you should know is Vietnamese women love attention. When using Vietnamese dating sites, stay online and chat with a girl you like for as long as possible. This will give her the feeling you are interested and want to spend time with her.

The second thing you need to remember is that local females prove your serious intentions. Sending presents, calling once a day, and making plans together will win the heart of a Vietnamese lady.

Another important thing is making a Vietnamese girl like you by asking her about her family. Vietnamese women take pride in their families and usually have good relationships with their parents. Being interested in her family and friends and talking about relationships with your family will make you feel closer.

The main thing every Western man should remember is to respect his foreign date and be aware of cultural differences. Being patient and admiring your date will soon melt her heart and make her fall in love with you.

Best Sites For Men to Meet Women From Vietnam?

You will not be short of dating sites if you want a Vietnam girl for marriage. The number of dating websites and apps impress and make it easy for foreign men to find pretty Vietnamese brides and get acquainted with them on the move. Let’s see the top three Vietnamese dating apps that will assist you in finding a perfect match.


This is one of the best options regarding profiles and membership prices. Sign up and view profiles of sexy Asian girls. The website provides several ways to communicate and match. You will love the easy navigation and modern design of this platform.


Another great platform with thousands of Asian brides profiles and quality chat tools is EasternHoneys. Review random profiles of brides or use advanced search to find Vietnamese brides by age, location, interests, and relationship goals. The girls are pretty active at Eastern Honey, so expect joyful conversations and acquaintances.


The last dating service that we would like to recommend is RomanceTale, and it is a perfect place for single Westerners dreaming of meeting family-oriented Vietnamese women. Meet stunning brides through this famous Vietnamese dating site and learn how chatty, sweet, and respectful local girls are.

All three platforms provide affordable plans, so you can use all advanced features without spending too much money. Each of these sites has a high satisfaction rate. Therefore, we believe you will enjoy meeting Asian ladies here.

How To Avoid Getting Scammed By Vietnamese Brides Online?

Dating services help men to find Vietnam wife within a few simple steps. More and more singles have switched to online dating as this is the most convenient and affordable way to meet your life partner. However, you should be aware of some issues that may arise while you are looking for the love of your life.

We talk about scams, and sadly, there are many time-wasters out there. Knowing how they act can save you time and money. So, a typical scammer does not have photos with a description or photos that look too good to be true. A scammer falls in love very fast and wants you to trust her.

A scammer always needs your money. If a woman you are chatting with told you she needs money for her sick relative urgently, block or report her and share her photo with other users. People who need real help do not look for it on dating sites.

Finally, there is one good tip that you should always keep in mind. Never share sensitive content, as scammers use it to blackmail their victims.

Some Facts About Vietnamese Mail Order Brides

Want to know some interesting facts about brides from Vietnam? We are willing to share three interesting facts about local girls that will make you even more interested in them.

  • Vietnamese women look younger than their Western peers

If you buy a Vietnamese bride, all your friends will be envious. Local women look much younger than their Western peers because they have great genes and they follow a special diet.

  • Vietnamese women are workaholics

You will be impressed with how hard-working these delicate women are. Coming from a poor country, these girls work hard to have a good level of life. They are intelligent, educated, and dedicated, which many Western women lack.

  • Vietnamese women make amazing mothers

Most Vietnamese women love kids and make excellent mothers. They enjoy sharing their love, they have great cooking skills, and they are incredibly patient.

Vietnamese women are considered some of the best women for marriage, and now you know why. If you heard good things about ladies from Southeast Asian women, this is true, and you are about to find it out for yourself once you start meeting a lot of single girls online.


Vietnam is not the only country where men travel to find future wives. Cambodia, Thailand, and Indonesia are other popular destinations for mail order brides. However, if you are interested in Vietnamese women, we hope that our article answered your questions and gave you good tips.


Why do Vietnamese women want to marry foreigners? 

Vietnamese women find foreigners attractive, handsome, and respectful. These are the things they look for in their future husbands. Many girls want to leave Vietnam and move to developed countries to study, work and have a better standard of life. 

Is it legal to buy a Vietnamese bride?

According to the law, you can marry a Vietnamese woman if she is 18 years old or older. You should have proof of your divorce and be able to support your wife financially. 

What should you expect when dating a Vietnamese woman? 

Expect some differences, which are normal as you two come from different cultures, have different values and beliefs. No cultural differences should matter when you want to be with a girl. Patience and desire to be together will help you overcome difficulties and build strong relationships.

Updated on May 2024
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