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The first international dating agencies appeared several decades ago. At first, they existed offline: men chose brides from printed catalogs. The industry is now predominantly online and is somewhat similar to dating sites. Local Asian bride agencies are also being opened to help local Asian brides for marriage find husbands from developed countries. In addition, these matchmaking agencies help arrange travel abroad and real meetings.

The Best Sites To Find Women From Vietnam

The “mail-order bride” term has been around for a long time, and the form of dating Asian women has flourished in the international economic system. With the increasing popularity, more and more marriage services that specialize in Asian women for marriage are emerging.

Thanks to these services, men have a great opportunity to easily meet Asian brides thousands of miles from Asia. It is also worth noting that hundreds of legitimate Asian mail order bride sites and applications for mail-order brides have emerged – from Pure to Badoo. Again, geography has ceased to matter: you can get along with a person from any continent.

Many men are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars to buy an Asian bride for sale, and some women continue to push for quick emigration and relocation at any cost. It is necessary to clarify that the expression “buy Asian wife” means to spend money on gifts, flights, and marriage services. As a result, the online matchmaking industry continues to exist and helps women from poor and developing regions of Asia to marry men from countries with high living standards.

Unfortunately, there is little information on the Internet about Asian wedding agencies and marriage services, and many still do not know how to use the features of these wonderful marriage services. Therefore, in this review, we will try to shed light on all the important points about how to buy a bride in Asia-Thailand. Let’s distinguish good and reliable matrimonial services from bad ones and understand how to successfully order a Vietnamese bride to create happy families.

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What Do Men Want From Asian Brides?

Most bachelors who are ripe for a serious relationship and want to get married start looking for girls ready to become great wives. These are the qualities that Asian brides have. Unlike Western women, Asian wives online looking for marriage and want to become wives and mothers in the future. Marriage for Asian mail order wives is always a priority, no matter how old they are.

An average Asian wife is more patient than a Western woman and can tolerate things that others will never do. In addition, Asian ladies do not put themselves above others and are always friendly and open. As you know, women in developed countries are excessively interested in the financial well-being of men, which is not a thing for Asian brides.

The latter are simply seeking like-minded people, who they can find common interests, mutual sympathy, and a desire to create strong and happy families with. Matrimonial services that specialize in pairing Western men and Eastern brides will assist with finding the most selective and loyal Asian brides.

What Foreign Brides in Asia-China Expect From Western Men?

Asian mail-order brides dream of going abroad, and finding wealthy husbands is one way to accomplish this plan. As a rule, the main motivation for these women to post their profiles on matrimonial services is to improve their living standards. So if you are looking for such girls, then you need to know how to interest them.

First of all, Asian brides pay attention to the attitude of men towards women, their desire to create strong relationships, and their love for children. It would also be great if the husband-to-be follows a healthy lifestyle and is attractive. Also, an important point is financial stability and the opportunity for children to receive a quality education. These are the criteria that Asian brides follow when choosing Western men.

Another factor is the lack of worthy candidates among local men since men in developed Asian countries work 15 hours a day and have no time for relationships. In turn, in poor Eastern countries, men drink a lot and cheat. But it’s not just about money. In addition to the desire for comfort, some Asian ladies are seeking men from Western Europe or the United States because they are more loyal, less jealous, not prone to aggression and chauvinism. Research from Conks College shows that many women, including Asian mail order brides, perceive marriage to foreigners as a chance to escape traditional society.

Why Are Foreigners Looking for Young Asians for Marriage Only?

Men who are seeking young brides appreciate not only traditional life view but also young age in them. A difference of 30–40 years in such marriages is considered the norm rather than the exception. Many successful Americans fall in love with charming Asian brides and marry them. Also, most of the clients of matrimonial services have already been married before and do not want to meet with peers from their countries because they remind them of their ex.

So an Asian bride from a poor country becomes the ideal option for a man who believes that a woman should not have ambitions; instead, she should be young and energetic, as well as be ready to do all the housework. In addition, men who are lucky enough to get Asian mail order brides are sure that with time, the interests of the bride and groom often converge, and they have fun together.

The Main Qualities of Oriental Brides

Understanding the main characteristics of this nationality will help you immediately understand if oriental brides suit you. Find below the main characteristics of local Asian brides.


They are quite humble and romantic. These girls live according to traditional moral principles. So you should be ready to put in a lot of effort to win their heart. Locals are not sprayed on short-term affairs; they choose their life partners carefully and take care of them.

Smart and Curious Mindset

Local girls are very curious; most of them receive a quality education. Men admire their self-sufficiency and desire for self-improvement. It is also worth noting that locals are very creative people who think outside the box. If you are seeking such a wife, then hurry to contact one of the matrimonial services.


In Asia, the family is something special and big; a family spirit and unity are extremely important. This has positive aspects. Local wives always work for the benefit of their families. This applies mainly to all household work. They always find time to stay with children, clean houses, and cook food. You can be sure that if your lady takes on any job, she will do everything.

It is also worth noting that local women are very wise and well-read. They teach their kids foreign languages and moral principles so that the children grow up to be good people.

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Legitimate Asian Marriage Websites

Finding a soulmate is an important thing for those who dream of starting a family and not a crush. It’s not about getting a mark on your passport and wearing a ring on your finger. Everyone would like to find an Asian bride who would understand, accept, support, and have a lot in common. Everyone has different cultures, characters, and their own ideas about the ideal life partner. Since you are reading this article, you probably already know that you are seeking a local bride. If it is the case of yours, we have compiled a list of the 3 online resources that specialize in connecting Western men and Eastern women looking for love.


AsianMelodies is a popular online dating resource that specializes in matching men from North America and Western Europe with gorgeous Asian girls for marriage. The site developers have created all the conditions so that customers can use the platform with pleasure and find wife in Asia-China. The site has an excellent mobile app, so you can always stay online and meet brides from Asia.


AsianCharm is another great online marriage resource. Most of the users are people who dream of starting a family and building a serious relationship. The site has a modern interface and is easy to use. With its many powerful features and the use of personal data encryption technology, the site made it to our list. By choosing this site, you can easily find beautiful Asian women looking for marriage from all over Asia.


The platform specializes in pairing charming Asian women for sale with Western men. The site has been operating since 2014 and uses the latest technologies to bring people together. This platform is suitable for true connoisseurs of local beauty and women looking for American men. Unlike most similar online resources, AsianAdmire is free. The main concept of the site is the connection of Western men with local women. In 2020, the company expanded the range of countries in which it is represented, including countries in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and developed Western countries. Thanks to Asian wife finder, you can easily meet and chat with the most beautiful and smartest singles.


Asia is a huge continent with several billion women. Some of them are single and are looking for their husbands from other countries. They register on various marriage sites and contact matrimonial services. If you are looking for an Asian wife, then hurry to register on one of the sites presented in this review and invite ladies for a date.

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Where to Meet Asian Girls?

There are several ways to find Asian mail order wife. The first method is more costly and is suitable for those who love real communication and traveling. You can go to one of the Asian countries and start meeting local beauties there. An alternative solution is much cheaper and more efficient. All you need is to use one of the legal matrimonial services and register an account there.

Are Asian Girls Easy?

Definitely, unlike Western girls who pursue exclusively selfish goals, Asian brides are sincerely open to new acquaintances because they are very curious and love to spend their free time in the company of smart men. They are always full of energy. It is also worth considering that these girls were raised to become faithful wives and caring mothers. This is why local girls are so popular with men seeking beautiful women.

How to Attract an Asian Woman?

Asian brides are attracted to men with serious intentions. It is also very important for a man to love a woman and want children. Also, local girls lead a healthy lifestyle and are constantly engaged in self-development. Therefore, in order to please local beauties, you need to meet these criteria. If you are cheerful and funny, this can be your secret trump card in the process of winning the heart of your target lady.

Vietnamese Wedding Culture

Weddings are one of the most important occasions in everyone’s life. Despite the local, cultural, or mental differences between the world’s nationalities, every bride and groom wants their wedding to become the best day of their lives. The whole family is engaged in the preparation of this occasion, and the whole circle of relatives and friends is celebrating this day.

The Best Sites To Find Women From Vietnam

Wedding ceremonies in Vietnam, as in other countries of the world, have been modified for centuries. Previously, it was of little importance, as it literally united the communities among themselves. Now the wedding does not have such goals and is more festive and solemn in nature; it is nowadays more desire than need. What is more, over time, young people began to have the right to choose their own mate.

A lot of people nowadays tend to make their wedding in American style with the bride in a white dress and the groom smoking standing in front of the altar giving their vows. However, more and more young people decide to organize their wedding according to the national traditions and customs, which usually appears to be more colorful and entertaining than the ‘American’ one.

In this article, we are going to get acquainted with the beautifully authentic Vietnamese wedding traditions that often perfectly combine Western and Vietnamese features.

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Engagement Ceremony

It all begins with Vietnamese engagement celebrations. Up to the last century, it was a very important event, since the majority of the marriages were arranged by the couple’s families and was perceived as the means of fusion of two families. As a result, the wife and husband-to-be might not even have seen each other before the marriage. The tradition of celebrating engagement still exists today with the one difference that the groom and the bride are already in love so that all the engagement activities are performed in a rather playing manner.

So, what is basically going on this day is that the groom’s parents are coming to the bride’s house with some presents covered with red velvet cloth to ask her hand for marriage. At the head of the procession is the richest and most successful couple among relatives. The groom’s family stops in front of the bride’s house. The lead couple should be the first to enter the house with a tray of wine. They invite the parents of the bride to take a sip of wine together. Taking a toast, the bride’s family agrees that the rest of the groom’s family enters their home, and the ceremony proceeds.

When the groom’s relatives enter, they introduce themselves and ask for approval to marry a girl for their son. The most respected person among the bride’s relatives represents the girl and describes her virtues. It should be noted that Vietnamese women are usually very beautiful, so there is definitely a lot to describe. The bride then goes out to the groom in traditional wedding attire. After the groom gives all the presents to the family, he will be able to see his bride. Sweets, fruits, and a coconut tree are brought as gifts. According to the old Vietnamese legend, the wife went out to look for her missing husband, cried on the battlefield, and her tears turned into a coconut palm, and she herself became a tree that encircled this palm.

Usually, the couple or their parents go to the fortuneteller to find out what is the best time for the wedding.

Vietnamese Wedding Tea Ceremony

Indeed, the culture of tea ceremonies is very strong in Vietnam. So, it is no wonder that the Vietnamese tea ceremony is a very important stage in the chain of marriage celebrations. This is the celebration during which the newlyweds honor their family members and exchange rings surrounded by the loved ones. The groom also places earrings in the bride’s ears, and he fastens the necklace around her neck. The groom will offer his beloved one the most expensive jewelry he can afford to demonstrate his dignity as a husband and breadwinner.
During the celebrations, the Vietnamese bride and groom usually serve green tea to the guests, beginning with the oldest ones, and they give them money, jewelry, clothes, and other expensive goods.

Vietnamese Wedding Clothes

During such a long Vietnam wedding ceremony, the bride cannot do with only one dress. Usually, girls prepare at least four outfits. Traditionally, a Vietnamese bride wears a national outfit – Ao Dai at the wedding. This is a set of wide trousers and a long dress, the side cuts of which begin almost from the level of the chest. It is usually made of silk or satin with metal threads embroidery

An important stage in weddings is the registration of marriage. In Vietnam, loving couples don’t pay much attention to this part. A couple can go to the city hall alone in their everyday outfits. The most important for the future Vietnamese husband and wife is the wedding in the temple. Each woman can choose the outfits for the wedding. But in the temple, she can only be in the national red Ao Dai.

This is a beautiful and romantic procedure: the future married couple goes to the temple on a rickshaw – a two-wheeled cart, to get married. Nevertheless, the ceremony does not last long, only half an hour. The main action will take place during the banquet.

Vietnamese Wedding Celebration

A traditional marriage day ends with a restaurant meal or dinner at the bride’s house, with live music and bright decorations and gifts. By tradition, the wedding is held with a lot of flowers, unusual treats, and watermelon seeds. The number of seeds is symbolism; so many children a couple should have. The choice of location for organizing a traditional Vietnamese feast depends on the financial possibilities of the families. The banquet hall is generously decorated with flowers, garlands, bouquets, those just married are showered with petals. About three hundred guests gather for a banquet. And this is considered quite a modest celebration!

The bride and the groom will honor all the guests on each table with their attention and let the most meaningful person propose a toast.
The loving couple also provides a wedding album, where they leave their autographs and wishes.

During the celebration, the loving couple receives good wishes, gifts, and money from their guests. As soon as the wedding celebration ends, the couple goes to the groom’s house or his family’s home, as from now on, the bride belongs to the groom and his family.

Vietnamese Wedding Customs

Vietnamese traditional wedding usually combines authentic traditions with Western innovations. That is why the traditional parts of the wedding, such as Tea Ceremony or visiting temple, are held according to all the customs, and the bride only wears Vietnam traditional wedding dress, while the banquette is organized due to the Western trends with a white dress.

In the wedding hall, there are usually a lot of traditional Vietnamese round tables tied with bows; there is also a stage and a podium. When everything is assembled, the host takes the word. Dancing artists, songs, and applause are what Vietnamese wedding is all about.

After this, the bride and the groom will cut the wedding cake and fill the glasses with champagne.

Three days after the celebrations, a new husband and his new wife present traditional gifts to her parents, expressing love and gratitude.
After some time, a new couple organizes a party for their neighbors to introduce a new bride to them. Usually, young people donate some things to their Vietnamese community at the festival.

Traditionally, the wife should live in her husband’s house from the moment of the wedding until the end of her life, as a result of which she had to move from her home to a completely new environment and get along with strangers of different generations. In addition, in the village, such close ties are usually established between people that a young wife must adapt to both her husband’s family and his community.

Vietnamese Wedding Photos

Vietnamese couples like wedding photoshoots very much. They usually go to the most beautiful places in the region to enjoy themselves and take beautiful photos that will keep these wedding moments in their memory forever.

Vietnamese wedding traditional banquet hall is usually decorated with these photos.

Before the celebrations, the groom and bride will traditionally stand at the restaurant or house entrance and take photos with every guest. The photos are to be printed by the end of the celebration and gifted to the guests as a sign of gratitude for their support.

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Wedding in Vietnamese culture is an occasion organized for the loving couple as well as for their relatives. The parents of the bride and groom try their best to turn the wedding of their children into the most pompous, beautiful, and expensive event. The success of a wedding ceremony is the prestige and honor of the whole parents.

What is more, a family is very important for Vietnamese people; this is why they invite so many people to the celebration to share their joy with.

Vietnamese traditional weddings are very colorful and interesting events. If you are lucky enough to be present in one of them, you will definitely enjoy the unique traditions and unforgettable atmosphere. And if you are a Western man who is marrying a Vietnamese girl, it will always be a great idea to combine two traditions and have a Vietnamese American wedding.