Thai Women vs. Vietnamese Women – Attractive Female Qualities

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Thailand is an exotic country. It has always been the most popular destination for foreign playboys or expats from Southeast Asia. Vietnam is another promising country. Many American men are interested in both Asian women. Nonetheless, charming Vietnamese women vs. Thai women share some common traits. In any case, given that Vietnam is rising in the list of desirable destinations and Thailand is falling slightly. It is worth looking at the difference between Vietnamese vs. Thai girls.

When you ask most guys where they would like to go in Southeast Asia, Thailand usually comes first. The weather is good, the cost of living is relatively cheap. But the biggest incentive for American men in Thailand has always been to date local Thai girls vs. Vietnamese girls.

Vietnam has made a name for itself in the dating industry in recent years. The rapid development of dating sites, along with the low cost of living and gorgeous Vietnamese girls vs. Thai girls, has begun to draw the attention of American men.

But in which country is it better to date and how do girls from each country compare to each other? In today’s article, hold a duel between Vietnamese and women from Thailand. Find out what beauty reigns in the Southeast Asian region. Let’s talk about the difference between Vietnamese women vs. Thai women.

Do Women from Vietnam and Thailand Match American Singles?

Now in the field of online dating, Thai vs. Vietnamese women have somehow become popular among men from the United States. This also applies to European men. It is enough just to indicate in the search engine the queries “Vietnamese”, “acquaintance with Asian ladies”, “where to find a Vietnamese”, etc. The results will pleasantly amaze. These are really popular queries.

When you think of mail order brides, women of different nationalities come to mind. If your choice is Asian beauties, it is better to learn more about their unique characteristics and culture.

An Asian bride is a woman who will always respect traditional values. If you are looking for family relationships, you may make this wonderful choice.

Most American single men choose Vietnamese beauties because they can be loyal wives and caring mothers. Unlike the obstinate and independent American women, you can count on a perfect marriage with Vietnamese brides and beauties from Thailand.

beauty Vietnamese girl happy smile

Why Are Vietnamese Mail-Order Brides So Attractive?

Some best qualities make a Vietnamese woman attractive and induce foreign men to marry her.

Family and Values

Often, a Vietnamese mail order bride pays a lot of attention to family values. This means that many members of this culture consider themselves much more responsible for their actions than American women. A man who is able to respect Vietnamese women for marriage is sure she has complete control over their life. A man will find this aspect much more attractive. Naturally, a man can do the same with his ideal wife, making sure she feels safe in his presence.

They are Responsible

One of the reasons many Vietnamese men like this is the fact that it makes them feel more responsible for the direction in which their relationship is. They will also be more confident in their ability to control the sexual aspects of the relationship. American women are more focused on themselves rather than a family. The self-independence of some Western women is less appreciated by local singles.

Caring and Tender

One of the most important factors that make Vietnamese women so much sought after by men is that they are very caring and tender towards their partners. This will make many American men feel loved. Vietnamese partners are willing to give their spouses time to focus on the relationship. American ladies can be somewhat categorical and show their tenderness for a man they really like.

Dating Vietmanese Women

Introduce Her To Your Parents

There is no better way to show a woman that you are serious about her than introducing her to your parents. When you take her home, state that she is Vietnamese. If an American girl avoids meeting her husband’s parents, then Vietnamese girls for marriage will react more easily to this, and most importantly, with understanding and respect.

Do What Gives You Pleasure

Any dating expert will tell you that good relationships are built on friendship and mutual interests. Americans tend to look for brides similar to them. The matter is that American ladies are very versatile and self-interested. When you are chatting, you will always have something to talk about. Dating Vietnamese women begins by identifying common hobbies. When you get married, a Vietnamese wife will become your best friend, and she will be proud to be married to you.

Be a Gentleman

Be a gentleman, pay bills for food and drinks, taxi fares, and other pleasant things. Unlike American ladies, who are used to paying for themselves, you can court an Asian princess.

Why Do Thai Mail-Order Brides Become Perfect Partners?

Great Appearance

They are beautiful, sparkling, petite, and elegant. With long hair, gorgeous skin, and a warm smile, strangers find them very attractive. A Thai mail order bride boasts a gorgeous figure. Thai ladies are slim, fit, and look great, unlike some American women who love to eat.


Most of the Thai brides are hardworking and family-oriented. It can be related to good genes. Mostly, Thai women for marriage give gifts to their spouses and children in every possible way. For them, there is nothing impossible to make family relationships long-lasting. American women, in turn, strive to be independent, not only financially. They become ready for marriage after thirty years.

They are Resilient

Thai women are different and have some good characteristics that make them special from the more expressive American ladies. They are more mature, educated, and resilient. You will meet gorgeous Thai women who are always in control. Little things don’t bother them, and they easily deal with small difficulties.

Dating Thai Women

Practice Language Skills

It may surprise some that Thailand still has very low rates of communication in English, even when compared to the rest of Southeast Asia. This is a fact that interests many potential partners. Unlike an American wife who does not need to be taught English, Thai women can still practice their communication skills with worthy interlocutors. Moreover, the best marriage services are now much more affordable. Thai brides feel somewhat confident in relationships with an American man. They count on their spouse to be a good example who will help them to become well-educated.

Hidden Irascible Disposition

Much of Asian society as a whole is not geared towards over-displaying emotions. Many Thai girls for marriage may “keep it to themselves” or “put it off for later”. Americans are more expressive and outgoing. They usually demonstrate their emotions in public. If you desire to meet a sophisticated and reserved lady, sign up on international marriage sites.


This may sound somewhat surprising. American women have made the obvious effort to be strong and independent for years. But Asian ladies have amazing and mysterious behavior. When a Thai bride becomes a wife for American man, she becomes more open and shares common interests with her beloved one.

beautiful woman wearing typical thai dress

What Makes Vietnamese Different From Thai Ladies?

Appearance and Attractiveness

Most of the factors can come down to personal preference, but Americans find Vietnamese more attractive than Thailand females.

Skin Type

Pale skin is in high demand among women in Asia. Hence, the difference between Thai vs. Vietnamese girls is more evident when speaking about East Asian and Thai culture. However, there are many Chinese Thais who also live in Thailand, especially around the Chinese city in Bangkok. Chinese Thais of mixed descent tend to exhibit more East Asian traits. This does not mean that Thai girls are all tanned and black. There are also some beautiful fair-skinned females in Thailand, especially in the northern regions of Thailand.

Some found that differences in Vietnamese vs. Thai women. Vietnam residents have lighter skin. In addition, Vietnamese girls are a little curvier than Thailand females. Vietnamese women (despite being petite and small) are quite well-constituted. This is surprising given their small stature and nutrition habits.


Thais are slightly taller. It can be attributed to the country’s recent economic changes, as well as better access to more nutritious food and better health care compared to Vietnam.

Vietnamese tend to be on the shorter end of the spectrum. Their average height ranges from 5 feet 1 to 5 feet 2 inches. It’s unfortunate given their handsome curvaceous figures and pretty faces. But something has to give way, and in this case, it is growth.

Considering all characteristics in general, Americans still prefer Vietnamese women. Although Thais are taller and have a few attractive ladies, Vietnamese tend to have prettier faces, more proportioned bodies, and paler skin.


When it comes to fashion, differences in Thai vs. Vietnamese women are obvious. It’s worth giving way to the Thais. This may be due to the more developed mentality of the country and higher purchasing power, as well as access to many more international brands.

There are so many shopping malls in Bangkok that it will be difficult to keep track of them all. During the stay of wife finders in Bangkok, one can feel like in the center of fashion compared to Vietnam. There is just now beginning to master the international arena.

With all these benefits, it’s no surprise that girls are dressed much more elegantly and stylishly compared to their Vietnamese sisters. When you compare Thai to other Asian pretties, they tend to have a wider selection of outfits for every occasion.

Many Vietnamese girls tend to dress more casually and simply. When you find wife in Vietnam, you will notice the preference for skinny denim shorts and skirts matched with T-shirts or summer dresses. On the one hand, seeing so much naked skin in public makes it hard to focus on what you’re trying to do. On the other hand, you can’t help but feel like they’re just missing a few finishing touches. Again, it all comes down to personal preference. But there is nothing better than seeing a lady who is really in fashion. And Thais do better at it.


In the experience of American gentlemen, Thai girls tend to be more relaxed and less ambitious than their Vietnamese opponents. Every time you meet a Vietnamese, you hear her talk about starting this or that business. Why do you think most of the nail salons you see everywhere are owned and operated by the Asian? Almost every Vietnamese girl you come across will have an entrepreneurial spirit in her heart.

Thai girls are great for relaxing and having a good time. They love to shop in the country’s numerous malls and eat exotic Asian food. Also, many Thais love to drink in various bars dotted around the city.

Vietnamese rarely go to bars as they are looked down upon in their culture. The more liberal ones you will see drinking beer with their friends, while the conservative ones will enjoy coffee, tea with milk, or smoothies on the street.

Vietnamese locals can be great housewives. They willingly clean the house and prepare a festive dinner for their beloved husband. This category depends on personal preference. Either way, single Americans prefer the ambitious but conservative nature of Vietnamese women.


How Loyal Are Vietnamese vs. Thai Brides?

Asian wives are very loyal girls since the family comes first for them. They love and respect their spouse. If they agree to the marriage, then they go to the end.

Can I Marry a Vietnamese vs. Thai Girl?

Asian brides can be married with their consent and the consent of their parents. If you give them hope for a marriage, they will take this proposal seriously. The marriage agencies, in turn, will select the best candidates for you.

Why Are Vietnamese vs. Thai Women So Beautiful?

A healthy lifestyle, positive thinking, and harmony in the soul make these ladies beautiful. An American who was lucky enough to find this ideal bride will be happy, and the wife herself will not lose peace of mind. If you want to find wife in Thailand, do your best to attract such excellent pretties!

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